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Key Steps to Success in Taekwondo


  • If you miss a class, investigate what you missed, make certain you understand it, and practice it.


  • After you get the basic movement of a technique, execute it as if your life depends on it while imagining yourself using it against attackers.


  • Stances, tight fists, moving from your centre, reaction hand, breath control, and focused mental and emotional control during all phases of training (Basics, Patterns, Step Sparring, and Free-Sparring).


  • Focus on the target on your imaginary attackers during practice
  • Focus on the instructor while he or she is demonstrating
  • Focus on your partner’s eyes and/or throat arch during step-sparring or free-sparring
  • Focus on the target on your imaginary attackers during PATTERNS.
  • Focus on your fellow classmates while sitting and awaiting your turn
  • LEARN every minute.


  • It is better to repeat a series of physical exercises such as patterns for 10 minutes per day, than to workout 1.5 hour once per week.


  • Refrain from making excuses and thus shifting blame to something or someone else. Turn a weakness into a strength. For example: If your patterns do not improve because you tell yourself that you are “too busy” to practice, then take a look at your time management. If you are late to class because “the traffic was bad”, then plan another route or leave home earlier. TAKING ACTION is one of your keys to success!


  • No one every became a good martial artist by wishful thinking just as no one ever became a pianist and never touched the keys. Your instructor is there to teach and assist you and your parents are happy to support you, but your success falls squarely on YOU.

20 Rules For Success in Kickboxing

If you want to be successful in Kickboxing you should follow each one.You might get away with breaking the rules some of the time but eventual you’ll caught out and you’ll learn the importance of having solid basic skills.

Here are 20 rules for success in Kickboxing:

1. Hands Up – Gloves at least level with your eye-line.
2. Chin Down – Imagine you’re squeezing a tennis ball under your chin.
3. Move Your Head – when you punch, when you kick, or when you get hit.
4. Circle – don’t go straight back.
5. Fake or faint your way in – just stepping forward will make you an easy target
6. Never take without giving – if some hits you hit them back. It’s like Christmas.
7. Be first
8. Be last
9. Leave nothing unanswered – always have a response
10. Return 2 – 5 shots for every 1 receive – it’s a numbers game
11. Punch when kicked
12. Kick when punched
13. Clinch or move when tagged – covering up will only lead you to worse trouble
14. Punches set up kicks, punches set up kicks – every technique should be set up.
15. Punch or Kick out of a clinch or break – don’t just step back, hit on the break.
16. Cut your opponent off – use lateral steps and don’t just follow your opponents foot steps.
17. Dictate center of ring – There’s two rings in a ring centre and outside decide which one you want to be in.
18. Always change your attacks – don’t be predictable, always keep your opponent guessing.
19. When you score blitz – when you score hit it again, then disguise it and hit it again
20. Perpetual Motion – Stay busy, a stationary target is an easy target.

See which ones you need to improve on, and the next time you train try to include the ones you’re missing.