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Personal Training

John Kirkwood is the Head coach and owner of KMAA. He has over 44 years of martial arts and fitness training and trains a wide range of clients with goals ranging from fat loss, strength, and athletic development. John loves nothing more than to help his clients achieve their goals, and help them achieve a better lifestyle and fitness.

John is passionate about leading by example and loves to practice what he preaches. You will find him teaching daily at the academy and teaching and training in various classes, alongside his dedicated and professional team of Instructors.

He has a no nonsense approach to training and only uses methods that have shown excellent results. He seeks to provide a positive, goal orientated, safe and non-intimidating training environment where people can come to destress and ‘switch off’ from their everyday worries. Your PT session will be tailored to your needs, and we will offer you a variety of classes to suit your level of fitness and specific goals.

In our classes you can expect to experience a whole new way of training which is unique, challenging and fun..

What is Personal Training?

Whatever your fitness level or goals, personal training can help you to become fitter, healthier and reach your personal targets.

KMAA offers a personal focus on you..

Sometimes we all need that extra encouragement, support, advice and motivation, whether you’ve just started out on your fitness journey or you’re aiming to run a marathon.

Building a great working relationship with John can be a fun and very rewarding experience. John is dedicated and experienced personal trainer that can help you:

  • Set realistic but challenging health goals
  • Track your progress
  • Improve flexibility with assisted stretching
  • Increase your energy levels

 John will carry out the following with each client, couple or group.

  • Carry out our unique Health MOT (optional for clients)
  • advise you on how to improve your health score
  • Help you reach your individual health goals
  • Introduce you to training techniques to improve fitness and health
  • All PT clients will recieve the KMAA PT App, to help you daily and at home.

One to One Personal Training

  • Single Session – £35.00
  • 5 Sessions + Fit Analysis – £140.00
  • 10 Sessions + Fit Analysis – £200.00
  • 20 Sessions + Fit Analysis – £450.00
  • 50 Sessions  –  £999.00

Couples Personal Training

  • Single Session – £60.00 per couple
  • 5 Sessions + Fit Analysis – £250.00 per couple
  • 10 Sessions + Fit Analysis – £350.00 per couple
  • 20 Sessions + Fit Analysis – £900.00 per couple

Small Group Personal Training

Our small group PT session is for a maximum of 4 people, and can be a combination of all fitness levels.

Your PT session will be specifically designed to work on helping you achieve a fantastic body transformation over a very short period of time. Speed, agility, power as well as building up fantastic fitness levels.  Group costs for 3 people start at £90 per session.  Group costs for 4 people start at £110 per session.