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Ladies Martial Arts

Ladies, want to know the secret to getting strong and healthy?

It’s simple – make the decision to pick up martial arts and train regularly. At KMAA we are proud to offer Ladies only Martial Arts class, as well as mixed classes.  Our ladies train in Taekwon-Do, Hapkido Self Defence and also Kickboxing!

We promise you’ll enjoy a host of benefits on top of being strong and healthy.

 So Why Should You take up a Martial Art?

1. It teaches you self defense

For women, learning the art of self-defense can be a life-changing experience because it empowers them with confidence, knowledge, and determination. It is an empowering feeling to know that you can defend yourself safely in 95% of real life situations.

2. It builds your confidence

When you train regularly and find yourself improving, you’ll gain confidence as a fighter. Also, you’ll feel better about how you look,your body will be come toned and stronger, and you will feel the benefits physically and mentally!  Do you know that in just one Taekwondo or Kickboxing training session, you can burn up to 1,000 calories?

Training in the martial arts also requires constant contact with your coaches and fellow martial artists. This will help you develop important social skills and give you the confidence to mingle and communicate better with different people from all walks of life.

3. It helps you get into shape

Besides the defined muscles you’ll develop, martial arts will teach you to punch fear in the face. This is all thanks to the situations that might make you feel uncomfortable or intimidated.  As you get stronger both physically and mentally during your martial arts journey, you’ll notice that you’re getting in shape inside out. This would help greatly in your daily life, because you’ll learn to embrace the many challenges life brings.

4. It lets you make awesome friends

The more time you spend training in the gym, the more people you’ll meet and train or even spar with. They’ll be the ones who go through tough training sessions with you and encourage you to go beyond your limits while they push their own.  At the academy our ladies have a strong bond and help and encourage each other in class.

5. It develops mental toughness

Persistence is one of the greatest qualities you’ll cultivate when you train martial arts. As a martial artist, you’ll learn to get back up on your feet from every fall, and keep on trying till you nail those techniques.  This persistence will help you in your daily life, and help you deal with various obstacles. Martial arts is ultimately a never ending journey of self-improvement, so you’ll definitely keep striving to be the best version of yourself.

6. It teaches you how to love yourself

Because your body is both your weapon and armor in martial arts, training regularly will teach you to respect and treat it well. This means you’ll learn to lead a healthier lifestyle with sufficient rest and fuel up with the right food.  When you pick up these good habits, you’ll slowly become a lean, mean fighting machine.

7. It helps you become a happier person

An intense martial arts class will boost your endorphins so you can leave all your worries behind (for that hour at least). It’s a win-win situation for you because you’ll feel great while getting in shape!

What’s more, the happiness you feel whenyou achieve your goals – be it mastering that new technique or joining your first fight – is simply indescribable.

Tae Kwon Do for Women

Tae Kwon Do originated in Korea and is one of the world’s most popular martial arts. The term Tae Kwon Do is translated as “the way of kicking and punching.” This style is often thought of as a sport that can be seen in martial arts tournaments and even in the Olympics. However, Tae Kwon Do has many effective self-defense techniques. Tae Kwon Do is particularly well suited for women because of the art’s emphasis on kicking. Men generally have more upper body strength than women and this factor can leave women vulnerable in an attack. Tae Kwon Do equips women with an arsenal of devastating kicks that can help combat the strength of male attackers.

Hapkido (Self-Defence) for Women

We have many ladies training in the art of Hapkido. Our class combines the usage of pressure points, take downs,and ground fighting. You will also learn how to escape from an attacker when grabbed from behind. The training involves stretching,warm up exercises, cardio vascular work outs, kicks, and defense against weapons. It will build on skills you already have, and we provide a caring environment when women feel safe to train. The physical techniques are easy to remember, and the defenses are based on intelligence, not muscle.

What will you get from the training? You will gain self-confidense, calmness in stressful situations, assertiveness, awareness of your surroundings, self-esteem, and self-worth. You will build on existing strengths, we will provide support and encouragement, and you will realize you have value over and beyond that of an attacker. Finally, it will enable you to connect with your own stength and power.

Kickboxing for Women

Kickboxing combines the punches of boxing with the kicks of karate. There are a few variations of the sport. Some competitive kickboxers practice the sport against opponents in the ring. Other fitness enthusiasts practice kickboxing as an aerobic workout. Kickboxing techniques are also practical for self defense. Over the past several decades, kickboxing has become an exciting sport to watch and to practice.

Competitive kickboxers use a wide a range of techniques to disorient and defeat opponents. Punches include the jab, uppercut and hook. The hook punch is one of the most devastating strikes because it swings around and powerfully hits an opponent from the side. Kicks also are powerful weapons in the sport. Kicking techniques include the front, hook, side, roundhouse and spinning back kicks. Spinning back kicks are good for surprising opponents. A kickboxer performs this technique by quickly spinning and driving his heel backward into his opponent.